More and more companies are creating their own metaverse. More than a trend, it is the dream for a gamer and for a game creator.

But it shouldn’t be a running competition.

We, at SnowTales, have our own vision of our perfect metaverse. And what we can tell: it’s huge. So before that we need to experience, test and build things little by little.

That’s why, having in mind this metaverse objective, we will create all of our games toward it . This mean:

All of our games will have their own NFTs. You can use them on their respective games but they will also be available in the metaverse. You bought a boat in WildSea? Sail it in Genesia!

Our games will be like a lab of gameplay, interactions, behaviors, environments… And everything that can improve the metaverse.

We will continue developping a multiple-layered AI and will train it in some of our games. Our goal? Having a fully autonomous world with natural AI behaviors and a universe that can grow and interact by itself with the players.

A universe needs people who likes it. Players are one of its pillars and we will take into consideration the community propositions and feedbacks. Let’s create a metaverse together!