We want to create immersive worlds that have a deep meaning by working hard on characters, backgrounds, landscapes and everything that make a great story.


Our games are focused on bringing emotions to the players: love, fear, joy, surprise, anticipation… We believe that’s a wonderful way of sharing unforgettable experiences.


We believe that AI in games can be developped much further. Deep learning, genetics, behaviors… they can be used in games that will bring neverseen types of experiences.


Earning NFTs in games is a way to reward players and let them claim full ownership of their game assets. It’s also a way to manage cross-games assets easily.

We are proud to announce that we are working with Ethermon to bring all their amazing creatures into Decentraland.

The Dark Awakening is a point&click adventure game where you fight for your survival and your choices will change the course of events.

Our Team Members worked with: